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Last Updated on: Monday, 18 Sep 2023

EFU Health (formerly Allianz EFU Health) Signs Faysal Health Plan with Faysal Bank Limited

February 14th, 2012: EFU Health (formerly Allianz EFU Health) has entered into strategic partnership with Faysal Bank Limited for their upcoming product Faisal aik faisla Health Plan. The agreement signing took place at Faysal House. Mr. Taher G. Sachak - Vice Chairman, EFU Health and Mr. Aarij Ali - Head of Retail Banking (FBL) signed the agreement.Mr. Kamran Ansari ,COO(EFU Health), Mr. Kirman Juma, Sr. Manager Bancassurance and Individual Sales (EFU Health), Mr. Amin Nizar Ali, General Manager Actuarial (EFU Health), Ms. Sumera Farooq, Manager Bancassurance and Individual Products (EFU Health), Sohail Adam Baloch, Manager Policy Administration (EFU Health), Mr. Ahmed Hemani, Head of Bancassurance Investment products and Channel Management(FBL), Mr. Najib Rehman, Head Wealth Management and E-Banking (FBL), Ms. Sarah Irfan, Product Head Bancassurance and Investments(FBL) and Mr. Raheel Gul Jumani, Product Manager Bancassurance Wealth Management (FBL) were also present at the ceremony.

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